today’s waste disposal and handling in the medical sector :

•high volume and disposal expenses due to hazardous classification of hospital waste / garbage
•unhygienic stocking, there off bad odour not only in the waste collection areas
•unhygienic, usually open and unsecured collection bins  at the wards
•open and unsecured transport of waste from wards to waste collection points
•non isolated and dangerous bacteria, spores, germs etc. in sensible treatment areas / wards
•risk of serious infection of staff and other patients






    all kind of consumables used in the health care industry such as injections, safety boxes can be decontaminated in the same procedure as used diapers, gloves, dressing materials and other medical commodities. The result remains the same: decontaminated municipal waste – for the benefit of a safer environment in hospitals, safer working conditions in the health care industry and easy and cost saving waste disposal for all kind of users  


a step ahead: advantages of the kasu vacumet vdi 101


•significant cost savings through reduction of garbage volume in total, up to 70%


•same classification of former hazardous waste as municipal waste (certification attached)


•no bacteria, spores, germs, etc. and bad odour in sensitive industries and hospital


•usage for all kind of consumption goods being used in the medical or health care industries


•hygienic conditions for patients, visitors and involved staff


•secured handling of decontaminated garbage


•mobile solution, low maintenance